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"One Off" Custom 17" Cat-Falcon.

White Falcon Acoustic Catseye finished in Nitro Burst 


This 17" FLAME MASTER  has 12 seperate binding layers, thats White, then black, then white, then black, then white,then black, then white, then black, then white, then black, then white, then black.   Tuners are Gold Grover Imperial Tuners.


Tweed Case with Banner.  One of the rarest and most amazing Gretsch Guitars Gretsch EVER made.  NOTHING compares Acoustically.


  • This is not just a butterflied SUPER FLAMEY maple BACK, one panel (half) was flipped so the grain continues to flow over back.

  • It really has a visual three dimentional rolling ripple effect.

  • Tone for days,  Deep bass and high crisp high's. Like D28 but bass-ier.

  • The grain is MATCHED on a 30 degree angle.  Truly the most breathtaking flame we have ever seen on any Gretsch, E V E R.

  • Headstock is like a sculpture. Classic Falcon /Penguin WINGED SHAPE.

  • The back's WATERFALL OF SILK FLAME MAPLE has a 3-D depth appearance, hard to see in pictures. People reach out to touch the back slowly... like its a halogram.  All we can say is it really looks beautiful with many nitro coates all hand polished and ready to play.

  • Has one non-stock hole for 1/4" output jack. (Photo 2) •Overall quite nice.

  • Back of neck clear coated in 1970's (estimated) - limited finsih wear.



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