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Was This Gretsch's first official

electric guitar model ever sold?

This Guitar carries three nicknames or monikers.

"Gretsch Supro" or  "AmpTag Gretsch" or simply known as  a 3/4 supro "THUNDERSTICK"

3/4 Scale  - single hand wound "humbucking " Supro pickup
Black burst finish over antique white body, very dramatic Supro for late 40's early 50's.

Striking white Bakelite knobs and a "tone switch"! (This was like on-board effects pedal back then)

Gretsch ordered these solid body Supro 3/4 scale guitars, and applied a two-nail badge, onto the guitar headstock... and  Voila, Gretsch sells electric guitars! 


Seen primarily with the Supro brand applied. 

The one below was stolen by Canadian Buyer - sadly. All we have are photos left to share with the world.

(more about that below)


These Gretsch Supro's, are a snapshot from history when Gretsch said, yeah - maybe we want to step into the electric guitar business arena, lets dip in our toe's and see how the water is.  Afterall, every oak tree had a day when it broke ground to see light, Gretsch guitars may have it's very own secret Guitar Company "seed" - this unassuming little 3/4 Sretsupro.  Maybe without this Gretsupr, the Gretsch guitar line could have stalled, or been unprofitable, killing it altogether.


What does that mean in the big picture of Gretcsh.  Without Gretsupro...

Then the Beatles would not have had a Gretsch TO PLAY,  which boosted the Gretsch company finacially, and allowed the Gretsch name to prosper and live on, expanding their line and taking more unorthadox risks. Gretsch could have stopped making electric guitars altogether if the sales of this Supro (Gretsch Supro) didn't do at least somewhat well.  I think most palyers and musicians alike can all agree Gretsch gave musicians (sound artists) more guitar options, more guitar tone options, and guitars that had more personality than any line of guitars on earth before that time before, We may owe alot to this little GretsH Supro 3/4 or AmpTag Gretsch


If this interests you, see our blog post coming soon about Gretsch's rumored unusual COLOR FORECASTING history


Missing - Last seen "mailed" on its way to Canada
Have You Seen Me?  This was sadly sent to Canada, and someone somewhere stole it.. (Made Faux Payment)

Note chip across from 2nd knob, and two chips by tailpiece (front) on right, one chip is on either side of the burst, looking like a ying-yang design, this is unique.  We still ship to our Canadian friends, global customers and USA of course, we hold no grudges, but would love the guitar backreturned if anyone knows its current location. We miss it terribly  :)  Reward !   •   We are located in Seattle, WA USA.  •  EVERY shipment we make requires a signature to deliver (on your end) so no item, shipped anywhere worldwide, is ever lost, or left on a stoop.  We pack very very well.   We keep you in the loop during transit.  WE WANT TO EARN YOUR TRUST!  Email us today if we can help you in any way - stolen years ago off an online sale (Around 14 years ago)  thanks

UNAVAILABLE /sadly stolen by crook, (Up North)   (early-mid 2000's). 


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