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Blonde 1939 Catseye Syncromatic 17"

Super Flamey, Tortoise Binding, Lightbulb headstock.

This changes the meaning of the word, FLAMEY. SEE PHOTOS!! RARE!


YES - the EXAXT SAME model as in the highly regarded JAY SCOTT book,a centerfold.

Use our contact form if interested.  We can call or email you with more for details.


•  SEE JAY SCOTT BOOK. - SAME Model as full color page.

•  Blonde, Faded to an amazing vintage amber tone

•  SPLIT INLAYS (A moment of silence) VERY VERY VERY RARE

•  WOODS used here are insanely top notch.

•  This was made for someone special. 

   ie: Gretsch artist, Gretsch employee, Special NAMM showpiece??

•  Has a dry, light weight and tone is amazing.

•  EXTREMELY OLD- 1930's

•  Has solid (no deterioration) on tortoise (aged) binding.

•  Used to record / by mic'ing many times.

•  Has light body surface fissures, not effecting play (see pics)

•  SUPER Flamey

•  USED, PLAYED AND LOVED, Light body fissures not   effecting play. Not as clean as our black burst one...But IT'S IN NATURAL ...IN BLONDE!  This was their most expensive model. NOTE HARP TAILPICE HAS STAIRSTEP.  THE 50'S MODEL COPIED THESE BUT Gretsch had changed design as these nickle ones were prown to failure.  THIS IS STILL HERE!!


Has 2 holes by pickguard, currently using one. We speculate the original pickguard bracket would had a "2 SCREW" pickguard bracket.  This guard looks era correct and is in good shape.


Any history of repairs?:

1. This item had a neck fissure (not effecting play) Professionally repaired the 1940's

see photos of back of neck.  Not broken, just glued for reinforcement. 





Price $33,000.00   Sale $26,500.00 FREE USA SHIPPING.

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