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1959  Custom Color Gretsch 6119

1 Single Rear Position Filtertron

• STOCK 6120 ORANGE on a 6119?...YES!.  Not UV Faded.

• Finished traditionally in a DEEP GRETSCH RED .

• This is Special order requested 6120 Orange - customer requested

• P.A.F Filtertron from approx 58/59  (Not just 59- Even used thru 60)

• Big bar 6120 style bar bridge

• Silver Surrounds - stock

• Low Fast Playable "Action"... plays like butter!



Gretsch's only guitar with ONLY (1) ONE bridge position pickup.

Thanks godoness that pickup would be Grestsch' most sought after
pickup ever. The tone dog, with varied DEEP LOW END depth and 

a great BRIGHT HIGH end...The 1959 PAF Filterton.


The pickup patent was not issued, so left tang of filtertron reads...

PATENT APPLIED FOR  •  Hence the nickname P.A.F.


Did Gretsch Hand Wind these HOTTER than other FILTERTRONS?


YES THEY TYPICALLY ARE 18-22% hotter.  


Cost based on rarity of model, electronics and custom color Orange.

Not faded by UV rays.  It is 6120 Orange, finish custom ordered.


The unmistakable black chet atkins SIGN POST Pickguard.

Single routed for back position only.  Light use.


Thumbprint neck inlays.

This custom order IN NOT IN STANDARD

6119 RED. This ORIGINAL 6119 is painted

"6120 ORANGE" Stock by Gretsch  Price $ 14,500.00

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