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1940's Spruce New Yorker  + Tortoise shell guard

Stamped Serial #407 • Stock parts 100%.  Nice

Stock tuners.  Ivory Buttons and great solid neck joint.

Built with no truss rod.  Properly Engineered. Nice Overall strong solid guitar with straight neck.  Rare to find s/n stamped.  BLOCK INLAYS.  Classic see thru tortoise guard, worth a small fortune (guard) itself.


See photos.  a great deal w free shipping (signature required). 


Proof of age: There is a slight seperation in top (butterflied spruce) - See pics. Approx 1/16". Not effecting playability.  Any easy glue at a luthiers shop if it bugs you.


We are fans of overpacking in case box is dropped by a luggage handler. (The slang or nickname in the business, for luggage handlers is "tossers" ) We have a 100% safe delivery history.

We care about your item as much as you do.


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