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1954 Gretsch  Town & Country 17" Spruce Beauty


Rare Natural Headstock. Bullet Truss.  Also has a duo jet label.  The always helpful, Duke Kramer would explain that if Gretsch ran out of labels for acoustics,  they'd reach into another "bin" use whatever label was available.

Do not confuse the tone of this with the orange laminant Rancher model.

This sounds like a Gibson J200,  Deep,  Solid , RICH sounding Tone-Box!


• Original hardshell Case

• RARE DUO JET LABEL, On a day when they ran out of acoustic labels.

  (Gretsch was a"bin" company - if they ran out of bridges, labels or screws, they would grab another type from a BIN)

Triangle Soundhole

•  Vinatge Original Gretsch 6 piece - double line tuners.

•  Cherry Sunburst back and sides.  Powerful Red Tones and Deep black edge.

•  17" - Orchestra TONE w arched back. Really pushes sound out to the room

•  STILL HAS the curtain cord GRETCSH tied to all theur guitars.  Poor man's strap.

•  These "Curtain Cord Straps" broke after 3-4 hours of use I' m told.  So this was

•  Literally almost never played.  STRAP STILL TIED FROM THE GRETSCH FACTORY.

•  Has unique saddle / bridge that is flush, solid, and not pulling up.

•  All Bone STOCK.  Nice Frets.  No Cracks,  No repairs.  No funkiness  :)


these show up once in a while used and abused.  This is Near MINT.  priced accordingly.  Positively the CLEANEST 54 LEFT on earth. Astoundingly Minty.

Near Mint • We have never seen a curtain cord factory strap,

nevertheless attached and in great shape, still tied to the neck.

One RARE FIND for the record books.  Sometimes called a soldiers guitar, because it is like the owner never came home to play it.  We salute our brothers & sisters in the armed forces.    

Cleanest we have ever seen, minty w/stock "curtain cord" strap  $ 11,950.00

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