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• SOLD 1960's Custom Color minty Metallic Blue Gretsch Catseye Electric  "Slim Jim" Guitar.

This is positively, one in the same...The Cover Girl


•  THIS GUITAR graced the cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine.

•  Rare Custom color.

Appears BLUE in Natural Light (+Professional Lighting)

•  Appears GREEN using camera flash.

•  Full history detailed.

•  A faint clue on guitar also appears on cover of VG mag photo

     (A clear label on tailpiece)


The intriguing color was named METALLIC PALACE BLUE by vintagegretsch, the name merged ICE BLUE and PALEHAM blue.

(Due to its similarity to Gibson's (but not as green) Paleham blue) . 

guitar was quite seriously said to have been to been finished in a color to match a man's "Buick Automobile" that was a specific tone of Metallic Blue.

SOLD  $39,500.00

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